The ClearShield Eco-System™

A complete system for Renovation, ‘Non-Stick’ Protection & Maintenance of glass.


Seeing Is Believing!

Glass Renovation

Removes contamination – both organic & inorganic – from the glass surface without using harsh chemicals and brings glass back to a pristine, ‘as-new’ appearance.

Glass ‘Non-Stick’ Protection

Seals & protects the glass surface, retains its ‘as-new’ appearance. Working like ‘non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield® acts as a lasting protective barrier on the surface of the glass, prevents water, airborne dirt and contaminants from bonding onto the glass surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion, weathering and chemical attack.

Glass Maintenance

ClearShield® will reduce by 50% on average the frequency of cleaning glass. Working Like ‘non-stick’ cookware, cleaning now is easier without the need for harsh abrasives chemicals or methods – as well as saving time and effort. An economical and environmentally friendly after-care products keep glass look and performing like new for life.

How Clearshield® Works

  • 01 Glass Surface
  • 02 Magnification Of Clearshield® Protected Glass

The surface of glass is not smooth and consists of microscopic peaks and potholes. Organic and inorganic contaminants fill these potholes and some react chemically with the glass and firmly bonding to the surface. Because of this, cleaning glass becomes increasingly difficult.

ClearShield® is a chemically cross-linking polymeric resin when applied to ordinary glass, it cross-links with itself and the glass to form a strong chemical bond that gives the glass both high performance protection and durability. ClearShield® is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, ClearShield® becomes part of the glass so it will not peel, discolour or crack.

Working like a ‘non-stick’ frying pan, ClearShield® acts as a lasting protective barrier on the surface of the glass. It prevents contaminants from bonding to the glass surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Cleaning is now easier without the need for harsh abrasives or methods – as well as saving time and effort.

ClearShield® protected glass surface performs like new for many years by following a recommended simple and economic after-care programme. It can be easily re-applied when the protection starts to degrade. In this way, lifetime protection is provided for the glass.

Architectural Glazing

The Cleaner Glass, The Greener Building, The Better Living!

Like bare metal surfaces, unprotected glass is “raw” and chemically reactive. These and other properties of glass make its surface susceptible to degradation by Moisture, Alkalinity, and Dirt.

Moisture and Alkalinity attack the exposed glass surface – causing corrosion, etching and staining/discoloration. Either individually or together, can etch or dissolve the surface of glass, making it appear dull and sometimes white in appearance. Moisture can be in its liquid form, such as rainfall, or as a vapour in high humidity areas. Alkalinity comes from hard tap water, seawater and construction materials such as cement dust and building run-off from concrete, bricks or mortar.

Dirt can damage the surface of glass in some cases, but most harm is caused by harsh and aggressive cleaning methods. There are two general categories of dirt:

Organic dirt does not normally attack glass but can attach firmly to the surface and become difficult to remove.

Inorganic dirt bonds chemically to glass and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove using conventional cleaning methods. Harsh and aggressive cleaning methods can damage the glass surface.

Inevitably, unprotected glass becomes contaminated over time, ruining a building’s appearance.

The benefits of ClearShield® go far beyond its easy-to-clean properties. It protects the glass surface from damage caused by corrosion, weathering and chemical contamination.

For Commercial Buildings, ClearShield® gives the following benefits:

  • Resists staining and discoloration. Glass stays cleaner for longer.
  • Keeps glass looking like new, maintaining glass façade’s clean and sparkling appearance.
  • Maintains light transmission.
  • Reduces frequency of cleaning by 50% on average, significantly saving maintenance costs while increasing satisfaction of tenants and occupiers.
Unprotected Glass
ClearShield® Protected Glass

For the glass in Windows, Conservatories and Rooflights, ClearShield® ensures to remain as clean and bright as the day they were installed, providing optimal clarity with the least possible efforts, it helps:

  • Save cleaning time, as it is always easier to clean and keep clean
  • Ensure cleaner glass without the pain, as stubborn deposits are more easily removed
  • Maintain ‘as-new’ pristine appearance, as it resists staining and discoloration


For Architects and Specifiers

The Need for Durable “Non-stick”, Easy-clean Glass Surface Protection

The Problem: Without protection against MAD (Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt), glass becomes increasingly difficult to clean and keep clean as it is a high maintenance material of construction. Despite of frequent and intensive cleaning, the glass still loses its original visual appearance and cleanability, developing severe, permanent & unsightly staining on it. Harsh and abrasive cleaning chemicals or methods can damage glass surface inevitably. As a result, difficult maintenance, the building appears dull and sometimes white in appearance fails to meet the expectations of its designer and owner.

Concrete Slurry Runoff
Environmental Pollution
Moisture Attack
Water Mark

Why Specify ClearShield® on your next project?

‘Non-Stick’ and Easy Clean Hydrophobic Coating, Contact Angle @ 108°

Working like “non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield@ protected glass will be always much easier to clean and keep clean.

ClearShield® is a unique polymeric resin that cross-links with the glass and itself, forming a strong chemical bond, it will make the surface of the glass more hydrophobic. Typically, the contact angle on the surface of ClearShield® protected glass can be measured at 108°.

Durable glass surface protection is proven in performance over 40 years

ClearShield® is the only glass surface technology proven through actual field experience to be:

  • Durable: “non-stick” surface protection suitable for all types of glass, exterior and interior under all climatic conditions around the world.
  • Strong performance: resists attack by Moisture, Alkalinity and Dirt, resistant to all types of dirt, organic (e.g. motor vehicle exhaust or traffic film, bird droppings, tree sap) and inorganic (e.g. hard water deposits, building run-off, metal oxides), maintaining the original visibility, clarity and cleanability of the glass
  • Versatile: flexible in application – applied to new glass in the factory or existing glass on-site.


Reduces energy requirements for routine glass washing by 50% on average, lower emissions and carbon footprints as well as saving in time, effort and money.


Maintains original light transmittance (t-Value) and daylighting – for improved productivity and well-being of building occupants.

Environmentally friendly & sustainability:

The first and only glass surface protection system with unlimited shelf life, not classified as flammable or toxic, is safe for human health and the environment.
Followed by a simple & economic after-care programme, ClearShield® protection will last up to 15 years on vertical glazing installed externally. ClearShield® can be re-applied when the protection starts to degrade. In this way, protection is provided for life of the glass.


Singapore Green Building Product Certification

Benefits for Architects and Specifiers

  • Reduces client’s on-going cleaning & maintains costs
  • Adds value to prestigious projects
  • Projects a positive brand image
  • Specifying ClearShield® contributes to the “Green Building” initiative by significantly reducing the use of water and harsh cleaning chemicals

For building owners and facilities managers, ClearShield® gives the following benefits:

  • Less use of access equipment to maintain the glass, reduces frequency of cleaning by 50% on average, significant saving on maintenance costs of glass
  • Resists surface contamination, weathering and staining/discoloration
  • Glass stays cleaner for longer, preserved pristine appearance of glass
  • Satisfied occupants or tenants

ClearShield® can be specified for new building projects prior to installation. For glass already contaminated during or after construction, our on-site team can renovate contaminated glass to its original ‘as-new’ appearance and then provide effective protection from future contamination.

ClearShield® Case Studies – New Building

ClearShield® Case Studies – Existing Building

ClearShield® Worldwide Projects Portfolio

Shower Enclosures

Cleaner and more hygienic, sparkling shower glass without the pain!

The Problem: Water Spots, Bacteria, Limescale and Soap Deposits.

Despite your hard work, shower glass becomes increasingly difficult and sometimes impossible to clean, spoiling the appearance and hygiene of your shower.

The Solution: ClearShield®

  • Resists limescale build-up and water spots
  • Is always Easier to Clean and keep clean, saving time and effort
  • Maintains pristine appearance
  • Hinders bacterial growth for a more hygienic environment

Why does ClearShield Work?

Working just like ‘non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield® acts as a lasting protective barrier on surface of the glass. It stops limescale and other residues from bonding with the glass.

Unprotected Glass
ClearShield® Protected Glass

Decorative/Sandblasted Glass

Easy to clean sandblasted glass surfaces that stay looking like new!

The Problem: Ordinary sandblasted glass easily and rapidly loses its visual appeal through staining, especially from finger-marks. Maintenance is highly difficult if not impossible.

The Solution: ClearShield®

The only technology that provides a smooth and uniform finish on the surface of sandblasted glass.

Unprotected Glass
ClearShield® Protected Glass

The award-winning durable ClearShield® protection on the surface of sandblasted glass:

  • Resists staining from finger-mark and dirt
  • Is always easier to clean and keep clean
  • Maintains visual appearance and intended design


A Safer More Pleasant Journey When On The Road!

The Problem: Fleet presentation problems vary but will often occur due to the tight time allowances given to cleaning the vehicles on a daily basis, meaning that vehicles tend to suffer from a build-up of soiling over time, which result severe marks on the glass windows. This results in poor visibility.

The Solution: ClearShield®

  • Restores glass surface back to their ‘as new’ appearance
  • Provides further protection to resist staining and discoloration
  • Keeps glass looking as if new for longer
  • Increases passenger comfort and satisfaction
Unprotected Glass
Clearshield® Protected Glass

Benefits for application of ClearShield® on new & existing buses and trains:

  • Improves visibility and appearance for increased passenger satisfaction
  • Reduces cleaning frequency, makes cleaning easier and more effective
  • Resists staining and discoloration, keeping glass clean for longer
  • Keeps you and your passengers safe in rainy days

Marine Vessels

Developed specially for the renovation, protection and maintenance of marine glass.

The Problem:

  • The harsh marine environment accelerates the corrosion process of unprotected glass.
  • Sea spray contamination bonds to the glass surface. Over time, this affects its appearance, visibility and safety.
  • Effective cleaning is difficult, and glass replacement can be too costly in terms of both time and money.

The Solution: ClearShield Eco-System™ is the ideal solution for the renovation, protection and maintenance of marine glass.

  • Renovation removes all contaminants that have not yet etched the glass during the corrosion process. The surface is restored to a pristine ‘as-new’ appearance.
  • ClearShield® protects glass from staining by contaminants and surface corrosion. Glass thus looks new for a longer duration, improving visibility and appearance for increased passenger satisfaction.
  • ClearShield® reduces the frequency of cleaning by half. Just like ‘non-stick’ cookware, ClearShield® protected glass does not require harsh and polluting cleaning agents and abrasive methods.
Unprotected Glass
ClearShield® Protected Glass

On all exterior and interior glass, ClearShield®:

  • Improves visibility and appearance for increased passenger satisfaction
  • Makes cleaning easier and more effective
  • Resists staining by salt spray
  • Reduces cleaning frequency, especially in areas difficult to access

Frequently Asked Questions

We hope this page answers any questions you may have about ClearShield®. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ClearShield® is part of an award-winning glass surface renovation, ‘non-stick’ protection and maintenance system developed and manufactured by Ritec International in the UK. When applied to ordinary glass as a liquid, ClearShield® upgrades it to ‘non-stick’ ClearShield Eco-Glass®.

The ClearShield Eco-System™ is a unique and complete system that converts ordinary glass into ‘non-stick’, easy-clean ClearShield Eco-Glass®. It can be applied in any factory, as it adapts to all volumes of production, as well as to glass already installed. Where existing glass is stained and discoloured, this can be brought back to an ‘as-new’ appearance thanks to the System’s unique renovation process. A simple and environmentally responsible range of maintenance solutions completes the System.

For glass already stained / discoloured, the ClearShield Eco-System® renovates the surface to its original and ‘as-new’ appearance. Then, after the glass is converted into ‘non-stick’ ClearShield Eco-Glass®, a simple and economical after-care programme is recommended. The after-care programme keeps ClearShield Eco-Glass® looking and performing like new for life – keeping its promise of visibility, clarity and cleanliness.

Yes. Again, just as ‘non-stick’ cookware needs some cleaning, so does ClearShield Eco-Glass®. On average, cleaning is required less than half as often as with ordinary glass. We have developed special after-care products to maintain the performance and appearance of ClearShield Eco-Glass® to optimise its durability.

When a simple and economical after-care programme is followed, ClearShield Eco-Glass® looks and performs like new for years, depending on environmental conditions. Maintenance and durability guidelines based on specific environments exist. Please Contact Us for guidelines that are relevant to your specific application or environment.

This depends upon where and how ClearShield® is applied. If factory-applied, the cost depends mainly upon type of glass and method of application. If on-site, the cost of converting ordinary glass into ClearShield Eco-Glass™ depends mainly on the condition of the glass, e.g. the degree of staining / discolouration and accessibility.

Ritec’s products are recommended because they are specially formulated to maintain the appearance and performance of ClearShield Eco-Glass®. Other products may be used provided they are not abrasive and do not leave a residue or film, but Ritec should be consulted if the performance and appearance of ClearShield Eco-Glass® are to be optimised.

Similar to ‘non-stick’ cookware, abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can attack the surface of ClearShield Eco-Glass®. However, such products are not necessary due to the ‘easy-clean’ properties of ClearShield Eco-Glass®.

No, except to maintain the original performance by keeping the glass cleaner and brighter.

No. ClearShield® only works on vitreous surfaces such as glass, ceramics and porcelain. It washes off other surfaces.