Textile Testing


Since 1872, James-Heal has been producing only the finest textile testing instruments, allowing customers to achieve consistent, reliable and accurate results 100% of the time. With their revolutionary TestWise Operating System, their textile technologies maximise your laboratory’s operational efficiency, reducing downtime and improving customer satisfaction in the process.

James Heal is a leading supplier of premium textile testing instruments for different types of testing such as Abrasion and wear, Bursting strength, Colour fastness, Durability, Flame resistance, Laundering, Lightfastness, Pilling and snagging, Stretch and recovery, Tear strength, Tensile strength, Visual assessment, Water resistance.


Extraordinary testing solutions

The finest textile testing instruments, designed specifically with product and materials testing professionals in mind.


Class leading test materials

Premium quality test consumables, batch checked to ensure accurate, consistent testing, time after time.


World class service and support

Be it support with application questions, software or ongoing service and calibration, James Heal has you covered.


Combining engineering excellence with a culture of innovation, James Heal provide elegant product solutions for accurate and reliable materials testing.


Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester with TestWise Touch™, available with up to 9 stations and adaptable to test a wide range of applications including textiles, socks, leather, coated upholstery, carpets, wood and shirt collars.

James Heal was involved in the development of the original Martindale with Dr Martindale and WIRA in the 1940s. We have since established our position as a leading supplier with over 60 years of testing and development, including a wet testing version of this iconic instrument, the AquAbrasion.

Performance Testing

The James Heal Performance Testing collection

Your complementary range of instruments designed specifically for testing performance wear and technical textiles.

Performance Testing Instruments and Test Types:

  • AirPro – air permeability tester
  • AquAbrasion – wet abrasion tester
  • HydroView – hydrostatic head tester
  • ProDry – dry rate tester
  • TruRain – water repellency tester (Bundesmann artificial rain shower tester)
  • WickView – moisture management tester

What is performance testing in textiles?

Compared with mainstream fashion garments, performance fabrics have technical or functional benefits, for comfort and/or safety.

The rise in performance fabrics means there is a need for new and improved technology for testing their performance to back up their claims.

Why is performance testing of textiles needed?

The functionality of performance wear and technical textiles must be qualified by evidence.

James Heal textiles performance testing instruments are designed to give you confidence in their results (whether you are a manufacturer, retailer, or brand).

Suitable for a wide range of applications, including sportswear, outdoor wear, PPE, medical textiles, military wear, nonwovens, tents, awnings, bedding and mattresses.

Test Materials

Class leading test materials

For over 40 years James Heal supplied test materials to the highest standard of consistency, reliability and performance.


Global network

Buy your test materials from a James Heal Sales Channel Partner: for less hassle, locally available, customs-cleared stock, to maximise your investment


Quality assured

Two in-house laboratories to check every batch. Zero tolerance to non-conformance: product is not released unless it meets the specification.


Flexible pack sizes

Our extensive range means there will be a size suited to your level of testing. Pre-cut samples are available for a lot of our products, eliminating preparation time.

Material range


AATCC Test Materials

A range of genuine AATCC test materials, for peace of mind that you’re using the best.


Blue Wool Standards

For light and weathering fastness testing, our Blue Wools are individually dyed wool pieces, each with a different degree of fastness to light. ​​We supply ‘European’ Blue Wool Standards for ISO 105-B08 from Deutsche Echtheitskommission, and American Blue Wools from AATCC.


Bursting Strength Test Materials

​A selection of plain, reinforced and low-pressure diaphragms and verification foils. A range to test different pressures (including low pressure diaphragms) and to meet retailers’ requirements (M&S P27 and Adidas)


Crocking Cloth & Cotton Lawn

Used in a Crockmaster (Crockmeter) to check the amount of dye transfer, following a dry or wet rub fastness test

Service & Calibration

World class testing instruments should be matched with world class servicing and calibration.

James Heal’s highly trained and experienced team of Engineers are uniquely qualified to provide instrument support to our customers, whether it be ensuring accuracy through calibration, performing a service, or fixing a problem.

For laboratories who demand the highest standards, James Heal can offer both UKAS and ISO calibration and certification (ISO/IEC 17025). This ensures that each instrument fully complies with any relevant standards – with no compromises.

James Heal staff regularly visit all corners of the globe to perform calibration, with updated calibration certificates available within 48 hours via our online portal. Each visit also entitles the owner to 12 months of free technical support on that instrument, from date of calibration.