Tension meters and other established control instruments

Schmidt control instruments are relied on all over the world – in all applications that demand supreme precision and quality in production and processing.

Schmidt control instruments play a vital role in a huge number of production facilities and laboratories. Their range of products includes a large number of hand-held and tabletop devices for mobile measurements, as well as software for data processing and analysis on PC. The wide range of gauges is completed by Online Sensors for control purpose and data monitoring. The wide choice ranges from tension meter and force gauge up to tachometer, durometer and other measuring devices. This wide ranged product portfolio enables Schmidt to supply a lot of industries, e. g. automobile, telecommunication, textile, wire and cable production, health or food.


Computerised flat knitting machines & pattern preparation systems, spare parts and software

In the world of knitting, Stoll stands for quality and flexibility. Stoll is the integrative link between the highly sophisticated technology in the area of developing and manufacturing flat knitting machines on the one hand and an innovative independent thinker and developer in the section of Fashion and Technology on the other hand.

It is an open secret that Stoll is interested in accelerating production. Apart from being flexible and reliable, productivity is a key element for the modern knitting machines. Some models in the CMS machine series, now having added an “HP” to their machine designation, could increase their productivity depending on the machine gauge and some influencing factors by up to 14%. This increase was achieved by an even shorter carriage stroke, a faster carriage reversal and a yet higher carriage speed.

The well-known fast carriage return of Stoll machines guarantees short knitting times due to the power RCR – in particular where knitting wear is concerned that requires a large number of short strokes. The comfortable height of all important machine elements enables an ergonomic working at the CMS machine.


Instruments, Accessories & Calibration for textile industry

James Heal combine expertise, design and innovation to create ‘extraordinary testing solutions’ to help customers through the difficult and challenging world of textile testing.
James Heal have different instruments for different testing purposes. Some of the instruments such as Martindale, Orbitor, Titan, ThermaPlate, TruBurst and GryoWash can be used to test abrasion, piling, snagging, strength, colour fastness, stability, washing and dry cleaning colour fastness. Other instruments can used for other testing purposes.

Besides instruments, James Heal offers a complete service for textile test materials. The test material are of the highest standard in terms of consistency, reliability and performance. The test materials are manufactured, processed and tested in a purpose-built Test Materials Centre, owned by James Heal in UK. The Centre have facilities for warping, weaving, inspection, cutting, sewing, processing, and packaging. All the components for these test materials are also sourced within the UK, allowing James Heal to have complete control over the production process.

In addition to instruments and test materials, James Heal offers calibration services annually to customers worldwide. Their instrument technicians cross the world, bringing expert care and calibration for their customers. In addition, their Calibration Procedures comply with ISO 17025 and many of their calibrations are accredited by UKAS. Certificates carrying the UKAS logo are accepted throughout the world.


Feeders, Tensioner, LMW3 Fabric Scanner, Uniwave products and Accessories

Memminger-IRO is the market leader when it comes to cutting-edge processing technology for yarn infeeding, control systems and lubrication technology for knitting machines. With over 50 years of experience in this sector, Memminger-IRO is now seen as a trendsetting business that sets standards that others are eager to follow. Numerous patents and future-oriented developments have earned them worldwide reputation.


Textol Lubricant and Lithium Grease

Zeller+Gmelin takes a leading position in the market for their high quality products of divisions lubricants, industrial chemistry and printing inks.

The advanced state of development of the high-grade textile industry used all over the world under the brand name Textol® is one of the lubricants for the textile industry. The Needle and Sinker oils can be used for all types of circular knitting machines, flat knitting and stocking knitting machines, as well as for use as a needle and sinker cleaner with excellent cleaning effects.

Their internationally certified and approved Divinol® high-performance lubricants are used not only in the textile industry but also in forestry, garden and agriculture as well as in construction.

Zeller+Gmelin is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as DIN EN ISO 14001:2005 (environmental certificate)



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